"Next Generation Fiber Laser"
Tugayhan Fiber Laser

About Us

We adapt the latest technology to our machines and we always work for the better



Tugayhan Machinery is a solid company focused on Fiber Laser Cut Machinery production with a firm basis of manufacturing open for improvement and following the latest technology trends closely with state-of-the-art R&D and P&D activities which all combined make the company step forward stronger day by day.

Our priority is to solve the issues of small and medium enterprises. For this reason, we manufacture compact machinery with which you can obtain fast and precise cutting operations.
Our company has become one of the leading manufacturers in Fiber Laser Cut Machinery industry.


The quality of our products and services start with the quality of our staff.

It is our approach to this business to attract and recruit the best staff and qualified human resources, obtain maximum benefit from the skills, strength and creativity of our people, increase their efficiency, pave the way for their improvement and create a working environment where solidarity and cooperation flourish together at Tugayhan Machinery.


We meet the expectations of customers in the best way possible enabling machinery that are hassle free whereby we use the developing and contemporary technologies in line with the objective of Tugayhan Machinery.
We develop and manufacture easy-to-use, fast and precise machinery with after-sales services.